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Shit-tastic Fics

Maze of Brain, Ai's writing journal

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These are my sins... where to begin? I don't know if I have it in me...

Welcome to Maze of Brain, aka Shit-tastic Fics, the fanfiction journal for Ai (armageddoni). Here you'll find fics from RENT, bare (formerly known as bare: a pop opera), Feeling Electric, Next to Normal (because Ai refuses to see them as the same show,), Easter Rising, Bat Boy, and the occasional fic for Beyond the Rift (beyondtherift), a roleplay Ai is involved in. Her stories tend to mostly be angsty and not very good (thus the 'Shit-tastic Fics'), but she tries hard, poor girl, and any feedback you happen to have- even 'Wow that sucked. You should never be allowed to touch a writing utensil as long as you live'- is helpful. Because if you DO feel that way about her writing and you tell her so, she'll just get mad and write more. She's something of a (mostly) unstopable tornado.

Original short stories: Flashflood Tales (flashfloodtales)
Take Back the Night (urban fantasy): takebackthedark

So what are you waiting for?